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Home / Love Poems / I Love You / Firefighter Girlfriend Prayer

Firefighter Girlfriend Prayer

Resource for Firefighter Girlfriend Prayer. The Firefighter Girlfriend Prayer listings are updating on daily basis, get the latest Firefighter Girlfriend Prayer along with Love Poems, Love Quotes, Love Ideas, Love Calculator, Love Tests, Romantic Love Ideas, Love Dating Tips and Discuss your love issues and Find your Love.

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It’s hard talking to you while you’re on call
There is nothing I hate more than the sound of your alarm
I hear that sound and instantly feel my heart fall
I feel like the love of my life is in harm

Just so you know I love what you do
You put yourself in harms way for the sake of others
I tease you a lot about the working days; there are only a few
But when you get a fire you put your life on the line for another

I love you more and more each day
I respect what you do; you are all unspoken of heroes
Baby, each night I lye in bed and pray:

Heavenly Father, I’m asking you to send your angels today,
To protect my firefighter in a very special way
I ask you to guide his thoughts and actions and keep him free from fear
To bring him home safely again to those who hold him precious and dear
Please show me the way to let him know I’m proud to be in his life
I thank you lord for giving me this man with whom I have no strife
To keep those you love safe from harm is a goal you both share
I pray that as he follows in your ways, you hold him in your care.

**for my boyfriend who puts his life on the line for others, HFD**
**the prayer part of the poem is originally a wife poem but i changed it because they dont have a girlfriend poem**


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