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Resource for Forever. The Forever listings are updating on daily basis, get the latest Forever along with Love Poems, Love Quotes, Love Ideas, Love Calculator, Love Tests, Romantic Love Ideas, Love Dating Tips and Discuss your love issues and Find your Love.

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Love Quotes " We have a crazy love that will last for a lifetime. "
Love Poems
Love Quotes " I look into your eyes in search of forever, hoping that I can see eternity within. As I breathe your name within every breath, as I see your face within my soul, I know that my life will live forever in this thought. "
Love Poems
Love Quotes " When I look into your eyes I see forever. "
Love Poems
Love Quotes " Forever is never long enough when it's spent with you. "
Love Poems
Love Quotes " If I could be with you forever, my life would be complete. "
Love Poems
Love Quotes " A true and great love can bear the pain and the longtitude of waiting even if it takes forever. "
Love Poems
Love Quotes " I still love you with every broken piece of my heart. I'm still wondering why you took it, then tore it apart. I wonder what I did wrong, that made you let me go. I'm still hoping that one day, you will let me know .... "
Love Poems
Love Quotes " Love that is true lasts forever. "
Love Poems
Love Quotes " They that love beyond the world cannot be seperated by it. Death cannot kill what never dies. "
Love Poems
Love Quotes " Love is something eternal; the aspect may change, but not the essence. "
Love Poems
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I really can’t believe it
What’s happening to me ?
I forgot all the s**t
That use to drepress me.

I really am in love
Can’t you jst see ?
You’re like a gift from above
I wish you could be here with me.

I just don’t know what to say
It’s something I can’t describ
I’ll be counting each day
Until I become your bride

Right now it’s past midnight
I just can’t go to sleep
I wanna hold you tight
Forever my heart you can keep.

I really am lucky
Tu have someone like you
I hope you can see
That I will forever love you.


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